Ana-Belén Montero

Ana-Belén in her workshop

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Wood kiln

I was born in Madrid (Spain). After my studies at the School of Fine Arts – University of Salamanca (SP), I moved to Belgium and continued my education at the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Liege. I pursued my artistic research in the Academy of Fine Arts of Huy (Belgium), at the Department of Ceramics. I share my time between creation and education while being also the Artistic Director of Ceramic Art Andenne (BE). I am co-founder of Ars Motion, an artist collectif interested in artistic experiences with real and virtual objects (

Née à Madrid (Espagne). Diplômée de l'Académie des beaux-arts de Huy (BE), section céramique, en 2011 après un parcours à la Faculté des beaux-arts de Salamanque (Espagne) puis à l'Académie des beaux-arts de Liège (BE), section sculpture. Mon temps est partagé entre l'enseignement artistique et la création et depuis 2017, je suis également la Directrice Artistique de Ceramic Art Andenne. J'ai co-créé le collectif Ars Motion dont les créations décloisonnent les arts plastiques en mélangeant des objets réels et virtuels (

My ceramics are totally made by myself in my studio in Belgium, following my slogan H3 : « Made by Hand, made by Head, made by Heart ».

I am deeply concerned with environmental issues and respect for health and nature is very important to me. This holistic way of thinking influences the way I live, buy things and grow vegetables in my garden, as well as the inspiration I use in the making process of my ceramics.

  • I carefully choose the materials I use. 

  • The glazes I use for my functional ceramics are innocuous for health and are environmentally respectful. Some of them are made of wood ashes from my stove.

  • My electric kiln uses 100% sustainable energy. 

  • I frequently fire in my wood-kiln: it is very performant thanks to a double isolation and the firings are quite fast (+ or – 12 h) with recycled wood.

  • The packaging I use is recycled or made of recycled material.

Finally, buying one of my ceramics means encouraging and taking part in a human oriented and eco-responsible economy. 

Ana-Belén Montero
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